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  • Fuel distribution

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    Our team of professionals in sales and logistics will provide efficient solutions and consulting for high fuel consumption but also the solution for fuel supply.

    Oscar Downstream wholesale markets automotive fuel in accordance with the highest quality standards, the Euro 5 ranges.

    Customer orders will benefit of quick delivery from deposits to the final locations.
  • Fuel storage

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    Oscar Downstream covers the entire Romanian territory operating through the warehouses from Bucharest, Brașov, Craiova, Arad, Ocna Mureș, Roman and Constanța.

    Increasing its own oil distribution network and storage facilities at national level, Oscar Downstream aims to be closer to its partners with an active presence across the country.

    The warehouse from Sercaia, Brasov is the newest investment being opened in November 2014. Is a special project, the first from a series of warehouses build from scratch, created as a logistic point for supplying our own fuel stations network as well as end users, using our own fuel tankers fleet.
  • Auto fleet

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    Our own auto park consisting of 48 tank trucks supports the fuel distribution in optimal safety conditions anywhere in the country in the shortest time possible and with greatest economy for our customers.

    We are set apart by promptitude, delivering fuel within 24 hours from the orders approval.