In-house fuelling stations service

Starting 2004 Oscar Downstream introduced on the Romanian market the filling stations service (DIESELpoint), the company becoming a services and full logistical support provider.

Accelerated development and the leader position on this segment of the filling stations boosted both the growth of the tanker truck fleet equipped with modern control systems but also the professional development of company employees.

  • What is DIESELpoint?

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    Oscar Downstream is the promotor of the in-house fuelling stations service in Romania

    The service was initiated and implemented as an optimal solution for reducing and controlling the costs of goods and people transporters, construction, services, agricultural and industrial producers.

    DIESELpoint now includes more than 1700 in-house fuelling stations in use across Romania.

    It represents the optimum solution of reducing diesel consumption costs for companies that own a vehicles fleet and want to keep tight control over the diesel fuelling and consumption.

    DIESELpoint consists in a services pack offered by Oscar Downstream:
    • in-loan installation of the station (no costs to the beneficiary),
    • diesel fuel supply with Oscar Downstream’s own fleet,
    • fuelling management application (Fuel Management and Top Fuel Management),
    • free consultancy,
    • assistance and service included.

    DIESELpoint is a fuelling system made available to end users of diesel fuel.

  • Benefits

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    • customer-specific Contract clauses, with flexible payment or delivery terms,
    • elimination of bureaucracy, short contract completion up to 5 days, depending on negotiated contract terms.
    • quick delivery, up to 48 hours from the received order.

    Fully integrated services

    • DIESELpoint means complete installation services, fuelling, consultancy, assistance and service,
    • on request, fuel quality testing is available. This way, our partners can be confident they are buying diesel fuel at the purchased quality standard.


    The in-house fuelling stations (DIESELpoint) includes a data management application that allows:
    • constant control over diesel fuel consumption for each individual user,
    • control over fuel quality.


    Avoiding costs generated by fuel loss or theft:
    • after delivery, the tank is re-sealed, eliminating any attempt to steal fuel,
    • the data in the management application can be easily transferred to a PC and evaluated; This data offers information regarding the quantity supplied, hour and date, number of kilometers at the moment of the fuelling and the identifier of the person that fuelled,
    • a competitive diesel fuel price, resulting from both the economy granted by the absence of station servicing personnel (comparing to public fuelling stations) and the quantity of diesel fuelling.


    • the application allows the transfer of the fuelling data to a PC through a data cable or a peripheral USB system.
    • information supplied by the management application can easily be processed into the beneficiary’s accounting, either by data transfer from the system to the PC, or through non-tax receipts issued after every fuelling.
  • Componence of the filling stations

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    • cylindrical metallic tanks with a capacity of 5.000 / 9.000 / 20.000 liters adapted based on the client’s consumption,
    • the tanks are equipped either with a retention basis, or with double walls, having leak sensors, high precision measuring probes which provide information about the diesel stock (volume),
    • electronic distribution pump with increased flow,
    • automatic hose and pistol,
    • impurities and water filter,
    • electronic fuelling management system which offers a complete range of facilities to the manager for configuring and administering data (related to fuellings).

    Fuel Management

    • a single person, defined as manager, has complete control over the FM self-service system,
    • this information is also kept by the pump’s software which memorizes 255 transactions –fuelling data. It can also be transferred to a PC either by manager key, or online via serial cable. Data is archived in the PC application supplied with the station,
    • obtained fuelling reports can be printed and exported in excel format to perform additional operations: consumption analysis, e-mailing, reports archiving,
    • fuelling is permitted exclusively to authorized users with electronic keys / PIN code.
    The pump has a built-in thermal printer that issues automatically/on demand tickets with data related to the fuelling:
    • fuelling date and time,
    • car’s registration number,
    • driver name (optional),
    • number of kilometers covered/ time of operation (optional),
    • quantity of supplied diesel.

    Top Fuel Management

    Adds control and information for fuelling management.
    • the vehicles’ magnetic keys can be programmed, according to their parameters, to avoid fuelling over the tank’s capacity,
    • the electronic system allows access up to 999 users,
    • allows fuelling restriction/denial for a given quantity and/or determined time interval,
    • information transmitted on-line via GPRS by the system to the PC on which the application is installed are: hour and date of fuelling, vehicle registration number, driver name, kilometers driven, fuelled quantity.
    The electronic level probe continuously displays complete information about the existing stock in the tank:
    • actual volume (L),
    • volume correlated to 15°C,
    • density and average temperature,
    • product mass and level of water in tank (if any).
  • Fuelling

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    Is permitted exclusively to users that authenticate themselves through a magnetic device.

    • the fuel is delivered:
    1. after soliciting the vehicle’s registration number (or authentication code which can be made up of numbers or letters),
    2. after soliciting the vehicle’s mileage,
    3. after the user is permitted to set the quantity about to be fuelled.
    • all data about fuelling can be printed on a ticket,
    • the level of fuel in the tank is monitored with the help of a build-in indicator,
    • it’s possible to print the “level low” or “halt fuelling” warnings on a ticket,
    • permitted fluids: diesel fuel – diesel UN 1202 (flash point 55° C according EN 590+Ai/10ppm).