DIESELpoint Access
Fleet card service

The DIESELpoint Access service represents a business to business concept of supplying the partner companies’ auto fleets with diesel fuel exclusively through personalized cards used in the national network of distribution stations located on the main commercial routes.
  • What is DIESELpoint Access?

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    It represents a business to business concept of supplying companies’ vechicle fleets with diesel fuel exclusively through personalized cards.

    The network already has 33 stations and continues to develop.

    (see DIESELpoint Access Network Map).
  • Benefits

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    Competitive prices – lower than those of the public stations, the customer using the same negotiated price in any DIESELPoint Access station in Romania.

    Economy – of time and resources, due to a computerized process.

    Quality – high and controlled quality of the diesel fuel.

    The network – Oscar Downstream developed and continues to develop a national network of DieselPoint Access stations which efficiently covers the main commercial routes in the country.

    Safe & Simple – From the operational point of view the DieselPointAccess service requires minimum effort, a short period of time and assures the safety by using the personalized card. In addition to this, the service provides the possibility of direct monitoring and checking of the daily consumption and limits.
  • Technical Info

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    • as a result of the contract signed, will be issued secured and personalized cards for each vehicle to the beneficiary according to necessities,
    • daily or monthly volume limits can be stored for each vehicle as well as the total supply limit per company. Each DIESELpoint Access station has a staff who scans the card to verify its authorization and volume limit,
    • all the supplies from the DIESELpoint Access stations network are centralized automatically by the central management software and there is created a minute addendum to the beneficiary’s invoice, according to the contract,
    • DIESELpoint Access service is completed with a web application for data management that offers: online visualization of all transactions for each card; visualization and modification of daily/monthly card limits; visualization of the contractual limit available; print or electronic invoices etc.