With a turnover of approximately €140 million in 2007, Oscar Downstream has reached €381 million in 2016, 411 employees and a significant increase in diesel fuel sales, proving that even during times of crisis a company can grow, but only by continuously adapting to the client’s needs and flexibility in negotiations can old partnerships be extended and new business relations settled.
  • Identity

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    Leading the filling stations market, Oscar Downstream is the largest unaffiliated oil & gas distribution company and leader on the in-house fuelling stations market with a network of over 1700 DIESELpoint stations served by its own fleet of high-end fuel tankers.

    In addition to DIESELpoint filling stations, Oscar Downstream owns a network of 32 DIESELpoint Access stations, a constantly developing network covering the main commercial routes at national level, offering fuel supply for auto fleets based on personalized fuel card.

    Oscar Downstream cherishes Value and is presently reaching 411 employees trained to work as a team an important objective: client satisfaction.

  • Vision

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    Clear vision and shared values represent the starting point which mark the guidelines of Oscar Downstream’s employees behavior. These are the expression of the organization’s cultures which adhere to the principles of a healthy professional ethic and creates a motivating and productive working environment.

    The company’s vision is to ensure the most appreciated and competitive diesel distribution services on the market.

  • Mission

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    Our mission is to constantly improve the quality of life protecting the environment, constantly promoting novelty and innovation in the field but also through discovering, supporting and
    promoting Romanian values.

    Oscar Downstream’s company slogan “The sense of value” summarizes the values that guide the company in its ongoing progress.

    In conclusion, we anticipate, promote and highlight values in everything we do for a sustained development of both the company and the society.

  • QHSE – certified system

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    Quality Health Safety Environment
    The integrated QHSE management system has been certified since 2005 according to the international quality standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001.

    Oscar Downstream develops an environmental policy respecting the latest environmental standards , protecting the environment by using safe and clean technology.

    The company understands the global concern of environmental protection, natural resources and conducts its activities with full respect for the environment and society.

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